Mylo’s Halloween Get-Up

I ordered a “smooch” for Mylo for Halloween – isn’t it the cutest?  He doesn’t even mind wearing it, which makes me happy. Unlike the cone he had to wear, the smooch is comfortable and doesn’t brush against his whiskers which makes him lose his balance!  I wish we got trick or treaters so they could see how handsome he is!  Nobody ever rings our bell.


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Happy Halloween! Meow.

Mylo inspected our pumpkin today and it was really cute. We actually haven’t carved the pumpkin, but Neil added a face with a little photoshop magic!  Viola!  

Neil and I are celebrating our one-year anniversary this weekend. We’re going to dinner tonight and then for a stroll in Central Park tomorrow.  I love this time of year!  Hopefully the leaves in the park will be changing color.

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I Have to Wear What??

Poor Myles! I took him to the vet yesterday for his sore foot and she sent us home with some meds and this contraption. Doc says Mylo has to wear it whenever we’re not home so he’s unable to lick his wound. When I put it on him for the first time in this picture, he was frozen stiff!!! Then, he tried to back himself out of it, he looked like he was moonwalking!

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Mylo Loves Pizza

We decided to order pizza last night and Mylo was glad we did!

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If You Really Want a Chihuahua, Get One From a Shelter…

Amy and Foxy the Chihuahua mix

Amy and Foxy the Chihuahua mix

Ever since that shelter event on Sunday (see previous post), I have Chihuahuas on the brain. So…the movie “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” hasn’t even hit theaters yet but the Humane Society is already prepared for the fallout. They fear that people who see the movie will want Chihuahuas en masse after they see the film. The HS said this week that history has shown when a particular breed appears in movies or on TV the demand for them surges at puppy mills.

So, the HS is urging people who decide a Chihuahua is the right dog for them to visit shelters and rescues first – and to never purchase a dog from a pet store or the Internet which is a prime marketplace for puppy mill puppies.

Thankfully, Disney, the maker of the film, is supporting this sentiment. On the film’s website and at the end of the movie, a warning appears: “Owning a pet is a major responsibility. Dogs require daily care and constant attention. Before bringing a dog into your family, research the specific breed to make sure it is suitable for your particular situation. Learn about and be willing to undertake the serious responsibilities of dog care. Always consider adoption from a reputable shelter or rescue program.”

Kudos to Disney for putting a spotlight on shelter and rescue animals!

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