Look Up Here!

I was surprised to walk into my kitchen yesterday evening and see Mylo on the fridge!! He’s so sneaky!!


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The Men in my Life!

Just wanted to share this adorable shot of the men in my life!

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Happy Halloween! Meow.

Mylo inspected our pumpkin today and it was really cute. We actually haven’t carved the pumpkin, but Neil added a face with a little photoshop magic!  Viola!  

Neil and I are celebrating our one-year anniversary this weekend. We’re going to dinner tonight and then for a stroll in Central Park tomorrow.  I love this time of year!  Hopefully the leaves in the park will be changing color.

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I Have to Wear What??

Poor Myles! I took him to the vet yesterday for his sore foot and she sent us home with some meds and this contraption. Doc says Mylo has to wear it whenever we’re not home so he’s unable to lick his wound. When I put it on him for the first time in this picture, he was frozen stiff!!! Then, he tried to back himself out of it, he looked like he was moonwalking!

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Mylo Loves Pizza

We decided to order pizza last night and Mylo was glad we did!

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Hello There

Another shot of Mylo taken with my iPhone…he just needs the remote control and he’s ready to watch TV from my bed!

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Too Cute!

I shot this picture of Mylo with my new iPhone. The photos it takes are pretty good even though the camera doesn’t have a flash.

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More Of Mylo In Action

Whenever my mom and sister come to visit they complain that Mylo is too loud. He meows a lot, but we’re okay with it. I love a cat that talks!  Isn’t it nice when you get home at night to have something greet you?  I think it’s great!  I think of it as a little conversation, a little back and forth, like you see in this video…

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Mylo Has A Leg Up

Ok, I think every cat owner thinks their cat is the cutest in the world, but seriously, isn’t my Mylo just the most lovable thing you’ve ever seen??  Not only is he cute, but he’s also very talented. He’s part kitty, part contortionist.

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Mylo On The Latrine

Mylo on the Latrine

This is my favorite picture of Mylo EVER, and I just wanted to share it with the world. There’s something about that toilet seat cover that Mylo really loves and I often find him snuggled up there. All he needs is a magazine and he’s set. Funny this is, whenever there’s a magazine laying in from of the latrine, Mylo rubs himself all over it. Only the People magazine’s though. Weird.

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