If You Really Want a Chihuahua, Get One From a Shelter…

Amy and Foxy the Chihuahua mix

Amy and Foxy the Chihuahua mix

Ever since that shelter event on Sunday (see previous post), I have Chihuahuas on the brain. So…the movie “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” hasn’t even hit theaters yet but the Humane Society is already prepared for the fallout. They fear that people who see the movie will want Chihuahuas en masse after they see the film. The HS said this week that history has shown when a particular breed appears in movies or on TV the demand for them surges at puppy mills.

So, the HS is urging people who decide a Chihuahua is the right dog for them to visit shelters and rescues first – and to never purchase a dog from a pet store or the Internet which is a prime marketplace for puppy mill puppies.

Thankfully, Disney, the maker of the film, is supporting this sentiment. On the film’s website and at the end of the movie, a warning appears: “Owning a pet is a major responsibility. Dogs require daily care and constant attention. Before bringing a dog into your family, research the specific breed to make sure it is suitable for your particular situation. Learn about and be willing to undertake the serious responsibilities of dog care. Always consider adoption from a reputable shelter or rescue program.”

Kudos to Disney for putting a spotlight on shelter and rescue animals!


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Cop Who Issued Ticket Gets Death Threats

The cop that pulled over and ticketed a young couple who were trying to rush their dying dog to the vet has received several death threats, according to local reports. The speeding ticket took the officer 20 minutes to write and during that time the couple’s teacup poodle, Missy, choked to death.

In a video of the incident the officer can be heard saying, “Chill out, it’s just a dog. You can buy another one.” I bet he’s wishing he didn’t say that now. According to News Channel 2 in Texas, local leaders say that menacing phone calls are flooding city hall.

Officer Paul Stephens has been reprimanded and subsequently apologized to the couple. Pet activists are lobbying for Stephens to be fired. The couple is still contemplating suing the city.

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Dog Named La China Saves Abandoned Baby

I heard about this story over the weekend and it totally tugs at the heart strings. BBC News reports that an 8-year-old dog named La China saved an infant who was left for dead by his 14-year-old mother near a pile of rubbish in an Argentinian shanty town not far from Buenos Aires. The dog, who is a new mom, brought the baby to the place she was caring for her own pups — carrying the baby 50m without leaving any bite marks! This dog is a hero!

BBC News reports that the dog’s owner heard the baby crying and found it covered with a rag right next to La China’s pups. The owner called the police and now the baby is being cared for by authorities.

Reportedly the 14-year-old mother of the infant panicked after she gave birth and left the child for dead. Thank goodness La China came along. The local media has likened the story to that of of “Romulus and Remus,” the founders of Rome, who were abandoned as babies and rescued by a wolf. What an amazing story!

Apparently, La China is terrified by her newfound fame and her owner says he’s worried that she hasn’t been eating.

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Did A Dog Die Waiting For Speeding Ticket?

Imagine you were pulled over for a speeding ticket as you tried to rush your dying pet to a vet. This is what happened to student Michael Gonzales and his girlfriend, Krystal Hernandez, in San Marcos, Texas recently.

Though they admit they were speeding, they say their dog Missy lost her life because they were delayed for 20 minutes by an officer who wrote them a ticket and reprimanded them and said, “It’s just a dog. You can buy another one. Relax.”

Good Morning America aired footage in which you can hear the officer telling them to relax. Click above.

The pair jumped in their car with their dog around midnight after their dog choked on some food and went limp. They say Missy was still breathing in their car as officer Paul Stephens was tooling around, writing them a ticket, and chatting with another officer.

The couple pleaded with the officer to let them go and promised to turn themselves in after they took the dog to the vet. According to a Texas newspaper, Gonzales has not decided whether to pursue a lawsuit against the department.

The speeding ticket has been dismissed and the department says they have reprimanded the officer.

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PA Governor Supports Change In Dog Law

ABC News

ABC News

The entire state of Pennsylvania and beyond is outraged after 80 dogs were shot and killed by their owner earlier this month because they suffered from fleas and insect bites. And it was all perfectly legal.

That’s because a 1984 state law says that dog breeders are permitted to kill their dogs with firearms, even if they are perfectly healthy. It’s a disgusting story. It’s caused so much chatter that the Governor is speaking out about it. Hopefully, this horrible incident will prompt change.

Breeder Elmer Zimmerman, and his brother, Ammon, have since apologized to the public for shooting 80 small-breed dogs at the two kennels they operated in Kutztown after wardens had ordered 39 dogs checked for insect bites and had issued citations for conditions at the kennels. The two brothers have since surrendered their breeding licenses.

At a press conference last Saturday in Philadelphia, Gov. Ed Rendell urged the passage of state House bill 2525 that would allow only vets to euthanize dogs in commercial breeding kennels.

According to reports that I’ve read, House Bill 2525 also proposes that the following change at kennels:

* Doubles the minimum floor space for cages.

* Requires outdoor exercise. Current law does not require even that dogs be let out of cages, much less given access to outside exercise.

* Requires solid flooring. Dogs now can spend their entire lives o­n wire floors, which damage their feet over time.

* Prohibits the stacking of cages. Under existing law, cages can be stacked so high that inspectors can’t see whether they have food or water, or even if they are still alive.

* Requires veterinary checks annually or during each pregnancy. Many dogs now never see a vet throughout their entire lives.

Last Friday night, 100 people attended a vigil for the animals outside the Berks County property where the atrocities occurred. Rest in peace poor pups. Let’s hope this new bill passes in their honor.

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Dog Cloner Has A Creepy Past

Did anyone else get strange vibes from this woman as she cradled her cloned pit-bull pups on the news? I had a feeling there was a screw loose.

As soon as this story broke, there were whispers about Bernann McKinney’s striking resemblance to certain beauty queen who was embroiled in scandal many years ago in England. Finally everyone’s suspicions were confirmed on Monday when the dog cloner admitted that she is in fact the former cheerleader who was scandalized in 1977 for allegedly kidnapping a Mormon missionary she was obsessed with and raping him.

The details of this story are so bizarre. Tabloid legend has it that McKinney abducted her former classmate Kirk Anderson and handcuffed him to a bed with mink-laced cuffs and forced him to have sex with her for three days using tips from the book the Joy of Sex. Ewww. McKinney told the Daily Mail this weekend that the Joyce McKinney of 30 years ago no longer exists. She has now taken her middle name Bernann.

So how did she escape the law and scandal? Back then, McKinney denied the sexual assault and fled the UK when she was released on bail. In recent years she has lived in North Carolina with her service dog Booger, who she paid $50,000 to clone. He died in 2006 of cancer.

The company that cloned Booger said that McKinney’s past really isn’t an issue. I guess they have their money, so whatta they care? I just hope the pups will be okay. Who knows what else this whacko is capable of? Let’s hope she’s not into bestiality. Yuck.

Check out TIME’s story on the scandal: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1830818,00.html

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R.I.P. Little Pooch

When I heard about this most recent animal cruelty story, I got sick to my stomach. Nantucket police are investigating the death of an 8-year-old Boston Terrier (not pictured) who was found dead in a clothes washing machine last week.  Apparently some 40 people were at the house for a party around the time the dog was found. Poor little guy, I hope the person who did this fesses up or is caught and faces some consequences.

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Rocco Travels 850 Miles From Home

Everybody loves a good story about missing pets being reunited with their owners, so I was super happy to see this on on the Today show this morning. A Beagle named Rocco disappeared from his Queens home 5 years ago and popped up at an animal shelter in Georgia on July 5 – the pup traveled nearly 1000 miles!  Thankfully his original owner, Natalie Villacis, had implanted a microchip in Rocco which enabled the Georgia shelter to contact her. No one knows how Rocco made it to the deep south but they believe he was well taken care of, no word yet from the person who had been caring for him. Natalie is now 11 and so happy to have her companion back. “It was really nice to just lay in the bed [yesterday] – I was watching TV, and he’s snuggling up by me, and I told him, ‘You know, I love you, Rocco,” she told the New York Post. What a cutie!

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For Real?

I received a forward this morning and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Is this just a massive dog or is she a miniature person? Here’s what the forward says:

Dog for free

* Free to good home.
* Excellent guard dog.
* Owner cannot afford to feed him anymore, as there are no more thieves, murderers, or molesters left in the neighborhood for him to eat.
* Most of them knew him as “Holy Shit.”

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Many Bronx Pitbulls Still At Brooklyn Shelter

Bust in the Bronx
Yesterday I met some of the pitbulls that were seized from that dogfighting ring in the Bronx – 3 of them actually. They weren’t at all what expected. They seemed like really sweet dogs, kind of timid. They all had really sad eyes, which was upsetting. I guess I expected the dogs to be aggressive and barking through their cages, but a shelter worker told me that all of those dogs are actually “dog aggressive” not people aggressive because of how they’ve been trained by those monsters in the Bronx. So, they don’t flip out unless another dog is around. Many of these dogs had roommates across the room from them and were pretty chilled. I let them smell my hand through the cage door but I admit I was too afraid to take any of them for a walk. One shelter worker said that none of the dogs were euthanized which was really good to hear. Hopefully rescue organizations will scoop up the remaining dogs from this shelter. A dog trainer with Cesar Milan-like magic could definitely rehabilitate them.

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