Another Fat Cat Makes Headlines

Titanic the cat

Titanic the cat

Another portly kitty is making news for his extra fat cells. This one has been living in a Sacramento animal shelter since his owner gave him up in August. The cat, appropriately named Titantic, was 33-pounds when he arrived at the shelter this summer.  Titanic’s new, healthier diet has helped him shed one pound, according to shelter workers.

MSNBC says the porky kitty has become a fixture at the animal shelter, sleeping on people’s feet throughout the workday. The people who work there have grown attached to him, so they’re not immediately trying to find him a home.

Prince Chunk, the 44-pound puss who turned up at an animal shelter in New Jersey, became a media sensation when he stepped onto the scale. He was adopted and his owners say he’s lost some weight too.


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Central Park “Dog Walk”

I volunteered at an AC&C event in central park today and even though storm clouds and rain loomed, 4 cats and 8 dogs were adopted!! I hung out with a chihuahua named Foxy most of the morning, he was so adorable! I’ve never been much of a fan of little dogs but he was a delight, a real sweetheart who sat on my lap most of the time. I wasn’t able to get him adopted while I was there (boo!) but I’m confident the 9 month old will get scooped up real soon! I was really tempted to bring him home with me – he didn’t bark once the whole time I was with him, which would be perfect since I’m not really supposed to have a dog in my building. Man, I can’t wait till I own my own place! My husband and I really want a dog.

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“Ninja Cat” Makes Me Laugh

 Here’s another reason why cats are sooo awesome… ninja cat. It’s an excellent example of what cats do when they hunt!  This person was smart enough to catch it on video. It’s a classic!

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Hello Noah!

My sister Jan and her family got a new kitty and has named him Noah. He’s 2 months old and just precious!

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