Mylo’s Halloween Get-Up

I ordered a “smooch” for Mylo for Halloween – isn’t it the cutest?  He doesn’t even mind wearing it, which makes me happy. Unlike the cone he had to wear, the smooch is comfortable and doesn’t brush against his whiskers which makes him lose his balance!  I wish we got trick or treaters so they could see how handsome he is!  Nobody ever rings our bell.


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Elvis The Dog Gets A $10,000 Bark Mitzvah

A New York dog owner named David Best has spent $10,000 on a what he calls a “Bark Mitzvah” for his beloved pup Elvis. On the guest list were 100 guests including sex therapist Dr. Ruth, Fox New Reports. Wow.

Best says his dog is the deserving of the fete because he is “extremely handsome, he has a great personality and everyone loves him.” Does he feel the $10,000 party price tag is a wee bit excessive? “You have to have a pet, a dog, to know what it is all about.”

Turns out Bark Mitzvah’s aren’t all that uncommon these days. A simple google search turns up tons of links that show you how to pamper your pet with a party. Author Shari Cohen has even written a book about it:

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Dog Named La China Saves Abandoned Baby

I heard about this story over the weekend and it totally tugs at the heart strings. BBC News reports that an 8-year-old dog named La China saved an infant who was left for dead by his 14-year-old mother near a pile of rubbish in an Argentinian shanty town not far from Buenos Aires. The dog, who is a new mom, brought the baby to the place she was caring for her own pups — carrying the baby 50m without leaving any bite marks! This dog is a hero!

BBC News reports that the dog’s owner heard the baby crying and found it covered with a rag right next to La China’s pups. The owner called the police and now the baby is being cared for by authorities.

Reportedly the 14-year-old mother of the infant panicked after she gave birth and left the child for dead. Thank goodness La China came along. The local media has likened the story to that of of “Romulus and Remus,” the founders of Rome, who were abandoned as babies and rescued by a wolf. What an amazing story!

Apparently, La China is terrified by her newfound fame and her owner says he’s worried that she hasn’t been eating.

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“Spaghetti Cat” Was Intentional

So Mediabistro got to the bottom of the Spaghetti Cat incident on the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet and it turns out it was nothing more than a “bleep photo,” according to a Fox spokesperson. Viewers were baffled last week when –during a segment on binge drinking– a picture of a kitty eating a big plate of spaghetti was flashed on screen. The guest must have dropped an F-bomb or something. I thought Juliet looked surprised after the photo was flashed. Apparently Fox plans to do more of these, so stay tuned folks! Nice marketing tool, Fox.

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Holy Toledo! A Kitten With Two Faces

A kitten with two faces was born near Toledo, Ohio this week and it’s quite a sight to see!  According to an Ohio affiliate, it was born a few days ago to a shop cat at Woodville Auto Finance. It’s so weird to watch the kitten meow. It looks as though one of the two faces doesn’t move. Apparently, this isn’t all that unusual – it’s called a “vanishing twin” in humans. Watch the video that accompanies the story:

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The 44-Pound Puss’ Torturous Media Tour Rolls On

Poor 44-pound kitty. Ever since it was discovered at an animal shelter in New Jersey last week, it’s been embroiled in an endless media tour that has made pit-stops at Good Morning America and Live with Regis and Kelly. I really feel for the fluffy beast. Not only was it abandoned by its owner but it’s been tossed around like some silly stuffed animal on all of the TV networks. The poor thing sat terrified on Diane Sawyer’s lap on GMA, but the torment didn’t end there. All of the 24-hour news channels have profiled the feline. The Fox News footage I saw shows the porky puss panting as he sits on a bathroom scale on somebody’s concrete driveway. Couldn’t we take this inside people? I mean, hasn’t this cat been through enough?  It’s like 90 degrees outside!  I just hope that all this TV torture pays off and Prince Chunk eventually finds a loving home.

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Fat Kitty Does The TV Rounds

The 44-pound kitty that I wrote about earlier this week has been all over the news. They discovered on Regis and Kelly this morning that “Princess Chunk” is actually a Prince (and was formally called Powder by his original owner). Turns out he had been owned by an elderly woman who had to move after losing her home to forclosure. It happens all the time, unfortunately, with the state of the economy right now. Watch this video of Prince Chunk in action – it’s really a site to see. Hundreds of people have been calling the shelter wanting to take the kitty home, I’m so happy for him!!  Just imagine how many kitties would get homes if more stories were written about them.

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The Cat That Will Never Play With Yarn Again

An orange tabby survived a 6,500 mile journey from Taiwan to Nottinghamshire, England, aboard a container on a shipping boat, the BBC reports. The feline, who has been named Ginger, somehow got trapped in a shipping container full of polyester yarn that set sail for 5-weeks – and stopping in Singapore and the Suez Canal along the way!  He was discovered when factory workers unloaded the cargo. How he survived the voyage is mind boggling, the kitty most likely subsisted by drinking condensation off of the container, the report says. The stowaway appears to be doing well and is being held at a quarantine center for six months until he is declared disease free. Looks like kitty traveled a long way to find a home: a textile factory worker has already offered to keep Ginger.

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How Does One Lose A 44-Pound Cat?

I can’t decide if this is cute or disgusting: a 44-pound cat found her way to an animal shelter in Camden County, New Jersey this week.  The cat, dubbed “Princess Chunk” by the shelter, was found outside without a collar according to Newsday. The newspaper says the largest tabby on record lived in Australia and weighed in at 46 pounds, 15 ounces. It died in the 1980s. The big kitty (pictured above with her foster mother) is on hold until Saturday in hopes that someone will reclaim her. If no one does she will be eligible for adoption.  Shelter workers suspect that the cat could have a thyroid problem.  “She could pass for a dog!” foster mom Deborah Wright told Gannett News. All I can say is WOW.

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Rocco Travels 850 Miles From Home

Everybody loves a good story about missing pets being reunited with their owners, so I was super happy to see this on on the Today show this morning. A Beagle named Rocco disappeared from his Queens home 5 years ago and popped up at an animal shelter in Georgia on July 5 – the pup traveled nearly 1000 miles!  Thankfully his original owner, Natalie Villacis, had implanted a microchip in Rocco which enabled the Georgia shelter to contact her. No one knows how Rocco made it to the deep south but they believe he was well taken care of, no word yet from the person who had been caring for him. Natalie is now 11 and so happy to have her companion back. “It was really nice to just lay in the bed [yesterday] – I was watching TV, and he’s snuggling up by me, and I told him, ‘You know, I love you, Rocco,” she told the New York Post. What a cutie!

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