Dog Raises Tiger Cubs As Her Own



Three tiger cubs at a Kansas zoo have been adopted by an unlikely foster mom – a golden retriever named Isabella! Isn’t this picture the cutest thing you’ve ever seen??  The three cubs were born on Saturday and abandoned by their “disinterested” mom and Isabella has stepped in to raise the cubs after her own pups were able to eat food on their own. Safari Zoological Park zoo owner told the AP, “The timing couldn’t have been better.” Apparently it’s really unusual for dogs to do something like this, but Isabella is a superdog! She’s been feeding and cleaning the cubs just as if they were her own.  Click here to watch an amazing video of Isabella feeding the cubs:


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Fat Kitty Does The TV Rounds

The 44-pound kitty that I wrote about earlier this week has been all over the news. They discovered on Regis and Kelly this morning that “Princess Chunk” is actually a Prince (and was formally called Powder by his original owner). Turns out he had been owned by an elderly woman who had to move after losing her home to forclosure. It happens all the time, unfortunately, with the state of the economy right now. Watch this video of Prince Chunk in action – it’s really a site to see. Hundreds of people have been calling the shelter wanting to take the kitty home, I’m so happy for him!!  Just imagine how many kitties would get homes if more stories were written about them.

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Kitty Has Jesus On Her Side

An Indiana woman says that Jesus appears to her as a vision – on her new kitten’s fur!  The kitten, named Sissy, has a pattern of fur that faintly resembles Jesus in a shrowd. I was skeptical of the story at first, but the picture does kinda look like it, don’t ya think?  Little Sissy is believed to be a godsent: owner Lori Goshen found the kitten and her brother Bubby 10 weeks ago when their mother left them outside her home on Mother’s Day. With Goshen’s daughter about to head off to college in the fall, her empty nest is now full.

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The Cat That Will Never Play With Yarn Again

An orange tabby survived a 6,500 mile journey from Taiwan to Nottinghamshire, England, aboard a container on a shipping boat, the BBC reports. The feline, who has been named Ginger, somehow got trapped in a shipping container full of polyester yarn that set sail for 5-weeks – and stopping in Singapore and the Suez Canal along the way!  He was discovered when factory workers unloaded the cargo. How he survived the voyage is mind boggling, the kitty most likely subsisted by drinking condensation off of the container, the report says. The stowaway appears to be doing well and is being held at a quarantine center for six months until he is declared disease free. Looks like kitty traveled a long way to find a home: a textile factory worker has already offered to keep Ginger.

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How Does One Lose A 44-Pound Cat?

I can’t decide if this is cute or disgusting: a 44-pound cat found her way to an animal shelter in Camden County, New Jersey this week.  The cat, dubbed “Princess Chunk” by the shelter, was found outside without a collar according to Newsday. The newspaper says the largest tabby on record lived in Australia and weighed in at 46 pounds, 15 ounces. It died in the 1980s. The big kitty (pictured above with her foster mother) is on hold until Saturday in hopes that someone will reclaim her. If no one does she will be eligible for adoption.  Shelter workers suspect that the cat could have a thyroid problem.  “She could pass for a dog!” foster mom Deborah Wright told Gannett News. All I can say is WOW.

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R.I.P. Little Pooch

When I heard about this most recent animal cruelty story, I got sick to my stomach. Nantucket police are investigating the death of an 8-year-old Boston Terrier (not pictured) who was found dead in a clothes washing machine last week.  Apparently some 40 people were at the house for a party around the time the dog was found. Poor little guy, I hope the person who did this fesses up or is caught and faces some consequences.

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Heidi Fleiss’ Latest Fetish? Birds

I watched an HBO documentary on Heidi Fleiss the other night and much of it dealt with the menagerie of birds she keeps in her home nestled in the mountains of Nevada. The notorious “Hollywood Madam,” who plans to open up a brothel for women sometime next year, inherited the birds from the madam who lived nextdoor to her in Pahrump (yup, that’s the name of her town).  She was especially attached to a former showbird named Dalton, at left, who died quite suddenly last year. Like Fleiss, he faced his fair share of troubles. His wings had been clipped by his onetime trainer and he apparently had been beaten while doing tricks – so, Fleiss took him under her wing.  Fleiss is seen crying over the parrot following his death and it was really a telling scene. Her birds seem to be everything to her. She said she plans to move them to her brothel in Crystal, Nevada, if everything goes as planned. But many of the locals are trying to stop the ex-con from opening her little bordello in the mountains – one adversary feared that a brothel full of male prostitutes would cater to gay men. Fleiss thinks that there are too many brothels for men and that this one will most certainly, as the English say, be for “birds.”

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Big Kitty Remembers Where He Came From

This really cute video has been circulating – in fact, my friend who is traveling in Bangkok sent it to me. Two men adopted a lion cub in 1969 and named him Christian. When he was a year old, he grew too big for their home and they agreed to send the lion to Kenya to live with a conservationist. When they were reunited a year later, the lion remember them!  Watch their reunion…

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I Love The New PETA Ad!

PETA is stirring up a little controversy with their new ad campaign, mostly because of how rampant teen pregnancy is today, but I totally dig their approach. Controversy = cool. The ad above shows the parents of a young teen encouraging their daughter to have sex (love the line: “if it’s gotta pulse, you should be wrapped around it”)  which is basially what a pet owner does when they decide not to spay or neuter their pets. This ad grabs the viewers attention, which is exactly what needs to happen because people need to stop overlooking this issue. They need to know that millions of animals are being put to death each year because people carelessly don’t spay or neuter their animals (I know I sound like Bob Barker, but it’s true). Cheers to PETA for putting this ad out there!

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Luffy is Growing Up

My first foster kitty (who we orginally named Chex but is now called Luffy) is doing well!  Hailey, Luffy’s mom, sent me an email update with photos. He’s six-months old now and is eating a lot and getting really big as you can see here. I love the little freckle on his nose!

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