Being A Momma Is Tough Work

Feeding time
Poor Mab. She’s one tired cat – imagine having 4 kittens (one not pictured) sucking on you ALL day long. That just sounds horrible. When Neil and I come home at night it’s like we’re the nanny who gives mom a break. She walks off and lets us babysit. It’s really cute and we’re happy to help out. I’m hoping to introduce kitten food to the kittens this weekend, so we’ll see how that goes.


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Orange Kitty Gets A Name

Foster Kitty
So we’ve finally chosen a name for our little orphan kitty, it’s Annie. She is such a sweet little thing. She’s actually gotten a lot stronger this week, is eating more and finding mom’s milk on her own (where before I had to lead her to it). Also, we got creme for her infected eye and it’s clearing up. This shot was taken just after we put the creme on, that’s why she’s all glassy-eyed. Poor thing can’t see after we put it on. She hates it! But we have to do it in order for her eye to get better. I was SO worried that she might actually lose her eye, but thankfully it looks like it’ll be okay. Neil has been talking about wanting to keep her – uh oh!

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Walk In Riverside Park

Riverside Park
Neil and I participated in the Scleroderma Foundation’s annual fundraising walk held at Riverside Park on Sunday in honor of my cousin Carolanne Melia who passed away almost a year ago from the disease. We miss her so much! Fundraisers said they are close to getting a bill passed for an annual Scleroderma Awareness Day, which is great. It was really nice to wake up early on Sunday and do something like this walk – we were happy to be involved in a really good cause.

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For Real?

I received a forward this morning and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Is this just a massive dog or is she a miniature person? Here’s what the forward says:

Dog for free

* Free to good home.
* Excellent guard dog.
* Owner cannot afford to feed him anymore, as there are no more thieves, murderers, or molesters left in the neighborhood for him to eat.
* Most of them knew him as “Holy Shit.”

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Many Bronx Pitbulls Still At Brooklyn Shelter

Bust in the Bronx
Yesterday I met some of the pitbulls that were seized from that dogfighting ring in the Bronx – 3 of them actually. They weren’t at all what expected. They seemed like really sweet dogs, kind of timid. They all had really sad eyes, which was upsetting. I guess I expected the dogs to be aggressive and barking through their cages, but a shelter worker told me that all of those dogs are actually “dog aggressive” not people aggressive because of how they’ve been trained by those monsters in the Bronx. So, they don’t flip out unless another dog is around. Many of these dogs had roommates across the room from them and were pretty chilled. I let them smell my hand through the cage door but I admit I was too afraid to take any of them for a walk. One shelter worker said that none of the dogs were euthanized which was really good to hear. Hopefully rescue organizations will scoop up the remaining dogs from this shelter. A dog trainer with Cesar Milan-like magic could definitely rehabilitate them.

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Meet Moose

Moose on the first night
Moose is the biggest of the four foster kitties I brought home last night. His name is perfect for him because he’s SO big! He’s really fluffy but he’s big under all that fur. He’s always fighting with the others to get mom’s milk. I’ve had to push the orange kitty’s face in there though because Moose steps all over him! He’s going to be a big cat when he grows up.

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Here’s Mab, Whatever That Means

eating last night
The momma of the group, Mab, seen here eating last night, was named by her previous foster, so until I come up with something more suitable that’s what she’s going to be called. She’s really skinny and has a bad cough, and is soooo sweet, very loving and very trusting of humans. She totally fine when we pet the kittens. The grey kitten is Neil’s favorite. I forget his name, the previous foster named him as well!

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My New Foster Kitties

ginger kitty hugs his new sister
Ok, so I did something a little crazy yesterday, I brought a mom and four kittens to my house from the animal shelter. I’m not keeping them! Just fostering them for a few weeks. Mom has a really bad cold and so does the orange kitten, who I’ve been calling “Ginger kitty.” Neil and I are really hoping she’ll get better – her eye is all gooey right now. She’s been nursing off Mab, mother of three kittens and now her surrogate mother. She’s very happy to be getting milk because she was getting it from a bottle before, which just isn’t the same. They are the cutest and I’m hoping they’ll get bigger while they’re staying with us! Here are some pics from their first night.

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Yodeling Cats

Here’s the latest cat-related video to become a sensation on YouTube. It’s called “The Enginner’s Guide to Cats.” Here’s the jist of it: two nerdy engineers from Wichita explain the mysterious existence of felines. Their deadpan act has garnered over 2 million hits on YouTube, mostly for a scene in which their three furry kitties (Zoe, Ginger and Oscar) yodel while being cuddled as a form of punishment. It’s true, what cat really likes to be cuddled?  It’s the best form of punishment for any feline.

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More Than 20 Pups Saved From Dogfighting Cop


There’s a new, disturbing twist in the story about the dogfighting ring that was busted in the Bronx over the weekend. Authorities have discovered that, Israel Cuevas, a New Jersey corrections officer who was arrested along with six others last week for participating in dogfights, had 20 pitbulls – 12 of them puppies – living in the basement of his home. The pups were seized while authorities continue their investigation. Let’s hope all of the dogs are adopted into loving homes. NYC police saved 16 adult pitbulls over the weekend from a Bronx building that served as a dogfighting ring, many of the dogs were bruised and bleeding. The pups lived in squalor in wooden cages and were forced to fight. One of the pups died on the way to the animal control center. It’s just so horrible. Most of the adult dogs will be euthanized unless a rescue group attempts to rehabilitate them. Let’s hope the latter happens. To watch NBC’s update on the story, click here

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