Streep to Star in Film Version of “Dewey”

83016172CA036_Meryl_Streep_Meryl Streep will play Vicki Myron in the movie adaptation of Myron’s book “Dewey: The Library Cat who Touched the World.” That book was the best book I’ve read in a long time and I’m so happy to hear that they’re making it into a film. It’s going to be a tearjerker I can feel it already!  The book had me crying like a baby. It’s about an orange kitten that Myron found in the book drop at the library where she worked and how the kitty became a fixture in the library and touched so many people’s lives. Just like Old Yeller, or Marley & Me, you know how this story ends. I couldn’t even take this book on the subway as I neared the end of it – I was afraid I would lose it on the train!  It’s really a must read for any cat-lover. But even dog lovers could get into it I’m sure. It’s just one of those books that stays with you and reminds you of any pet you’ve ever loved. I’m giving it to a bunch of people this Christmas!


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Happy Halloween! Meow.

Mylo inspected our pumpkin today and it was really cute. We actually haven’t carved the pumpkin, but Neil added a face with a little photoshop magic!  Viola!  

Neil and I are celebrating our one-year anniversary this weekend. We’re going to dinner tonight and then for a stroll in Central Park tomorrow.  I love this time of year!  Hopefully the leaves in the park will be changing color.

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I Have to Wear What??

Poor Myles! I took him to the vet yesterday for his sore foot and she sent us home with some meds and this contraption. Doc says Mylo has to wear it whenever we’re not home so he’s unable to lick his wound. When I put it on him for the first time in this picture, he was frozen stiff!!! Then, he tried to back himself out of it, he looked like he was moonwalking!

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Mylo Loves Pizza

We decided to order pizza last night and Mylo was glad we did!

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Another Fat Cat Makes Headlines

Titanic the cat

Titanic the cat

Another portly kitty is making news for his extra fat cells. This one has been living in a Sacramento animal shelter since his owner gave him up in August. The cat, appropriately named Titantic, was 33-pounds when he arrived at the shelter this summer.  Titanic’s new, healthier diet has helped him shed one pound, according to shelter workers.

MSNBC says the porky kitty has become a fixture at the animal shelter, sleeping on people’s feet throughout the workday. The people who work there have grown attached to him, so they’re not immediately trying to find him a home.

Prince Chunk, the 44-pound puss who turned up at an animal shelter in New Jersey, became a media sensation when he stepped onto the scale. He was adopted and his owners say he’s lost some weight too.

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“Ninja Cat” Makes Me Laugh

 Here’s another reason why cats are sooo awesome… ninja cat. It’s an excellent example of what cats do when they hunt!  This person was smart enough to catch it on video. It’s a classic!

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Did Prince Chunk Really Weigh 44 Pounds?

News that the New Jersey shelter that found Prince Chunk is trying to secure the rights to the fat kitty’s potential earnings surfaced this morning. Along with that came an update that Prince Chunk now weighs in at 22 pounds. For reals? How could a cat possibly lose half of his body weight in four weeks?

Either his fat rolls disappeared into thin air, or, he never weighed 44-pounds to begin with. The foster parent of the big kitty was even suspicious about the feline’s reported weight.

“We have a 70 pound dog and he didn’t look like more than half of him, so we did have some suspicions,” said Vince Damiani, 17, a member of Chunk’s foster family. “We took him to the vet this Friday and he was 22.8 pounds.”

Apparently the Damiani family will keep the cat, even though the shelter had hoped Chunk’s adopters would remain anonymous. The executive director of the shelter is less than pleased with the way this has all gone down and is just hoping that a portion of the money Chunk earns for appearances will make its way back to the shelter. Which seems fair, afterall there are a bunch more regular-sized animals that need homes.

“We are all very saddened and very shocked at how this played out,” Jennifer Andersch told the Gloucester County Times. “At this point all we’re doing is trying to figure out what will be in the best interest of the cat. We are concerned.”

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The Mystery Of The “Spaghetti Cat”

Fans of the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet were perplexed last week when –during a serious segment on the dangers of binge drinking– a snap shot of a cat eating a heaping bowl of spagetti was flashed on screen. E’s The Soup first reported on the odd incident and the show has yet to explain what on earth happened. SO bizarre! Maybe it was some disgruntled employee’s idea of a joke? If so, CLASSIC!

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Luffy’s Lovin’ His New Cat Tree


I fostered a kitten from the shelter over six months ago and received an update from his adopted mother, Hailey, this week. She says Luffy (lower, right) is doing really well. He has two new family members too, a brother and a sister (above). Dante is the fourth member of the family. Now that’s a full house. Hailey says they bought this new cat tree and everybody loves it!

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Ewok Is A Killer Cat Name

When my sister’s cat, KC, died a few years ago, she swore she’d never get another cat simply because she’d never find a cat as cool as him. But she’s been taking care of a friend’s cat for several weeks at her house in Virginia and her kids love having a furry little houseguest. So, she’s beginning to rethink the whole cat idea.

This 11-year-old orange kitty named Ewok (BEST CAT NAME EVER!!) is staying with my sister while the family who owns the cat is getting treatment for their son who has cancer. Sam is 5-years-old and suffers from a neuro-blastoma. He had the first of two stem cell transplants and is in isolation at a Virginia children’s hospital for several more weeks.  Poor little guy. Besides having to go through this really horrible experience (he’s so brave!), he’s really missing home and his cat. So, my sister bought a webcam recently and plans to have a web conversation with Sam and the family at the hospital – hopefully, seeing Ewok’s little face via webcam will brighten Sam’s day! 

My sister was telling me last night how much her two kids enjoy having the cat around the house. I think someone may end up getting a kitty after this little babysitting experience is over!

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