Meet Mickey!

This is our new foster kitty Mickey! He’s 7 weeks old and is sooooo affectionate. He was sitting all alone in a cage yesterday and I just had to bring him home with me!


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Holy Toledo! A Kitten With Two Faces

A kitten with two faces was born near Toledo, Ohio this week and it’s quite a sight to see!  According to an Ohio affiliate, it was born a few days ago to a shop cat at Woodville Auto Finance. It’s so weird to watch the kitten meow. It looks as though one of the two faces doesn’t move. Apparently, this isn’t all that unusual – it’s called a “vanishing twin” in humans. Watch the video that accompanies the story:

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Kitty Has Jesus On Her Side

An Indiana woman says that Jesus appears to her as a vision – on her new kitten’s fur!  The kitten, named Sissy, has a pattern of fur that faintly resembles Jesus in a shrowd. I was skeptical of the story at first, but the picture does kinda look like it, don’t ya think?  Little Sissy is believed to be a godsent: owner Lori Goshen found the kitten and her brother Bubby 10 weeks ago when their mother left them outside her home on Mother’s Day. With Goshen’s daughter about to head off to college in the fall, her empty nest is now full.

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Orange Kitty Gets A Name

Foster Kitty
So we’ve finally chosen a name for our little orphan kitty, it’s Annie. She is such a sweet little thing. She’s actually gotten a lot stronger this week, is eating more and finding mom’s milk on her own (where before I had to lead her to it). Also, we got creme for her infected eye and it’s clearing up. This shot was taken just after we put the creme on, that’s why she’s all glassy-eyed. Poor thing can’t see after we put it on. She hates it! But we have to do it in order for her eye to get better. I was SO worried that she might actually lose her eye, but thankfully it looks like it’ll be okay. Neil has been talking about wanting to keep her – uh oh!

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Meet Moose

Moose on the first night
Moose is the biggest of the four foster kitties I brought home last night. His name is perfect for him because he’s SO big! He’s really fluffy but he’s big under all that fur. He’s always fighting with the others to get mom’s milk. I’ve had to push the orange kitty’s face in there though because Moose steps all over him! He’s going to be a big cat when he grows up.

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