Here’s Mab, Whatever That Means

eating last night
The momma of the group, Mab, seen here eating last night, was named by her previous foster, so until I come up with something more suitable that’s what she’s going to be called. She’s really skinny and has a bad cough, and is soooo sweet, very loving and very trusting of humans. She totally fine when we pet the kittens. The grey kitten is Neil’s favorite. I forget his name, the previous foster named him as well!


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Mylo On The Latrine

Mylo on the Latrine

This is my favorite picture of Mylo EVER, and I just wanted to share it with the world. There’s something about that toilet seat cover that Mylo really loves and I often find him snuggled up there. All he needs is a magazine and he’s set. Funny this is, whenever there’s a magazine laying in from of the latrine, Mylo rubs himself all over it. Only the People magazine’s though. Weird.

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