Did Prince Chunk Really Weigh 44 Pounds?

News that the New Jersey shelter that found Prince Chunk is trying to secure the rights to the fat kitty’s potential earnings surfaced this morning. Along with that came an update that Prince Chunk now weighs in at 22 pounds. For reals? How could a cat possibly lose half of his body weight in four weeks?

Either his fat rolls disappeared into thin air, or, he never weighed 44-pounds to begin with. The foster parent of the big kitty was even suspicious about the feline’s reported weight.

“We have a 70 pound dog and he didn’t look like more than half of him, so we did have some suspicions,” said Vince Damiani, 17, a member of Chunk’s foster family. “We took him to the vet this Friday and he was 22.8 pounds.”

Apparently the Damiani family will keep the cat, even though the shelter had hoped Chunk’s adopters would remain anonymous. The executive director of the shelter is less than pleased with the way this has all gone down and is just hoping that a portion of the money Chunk earns for appearances will make its way back to the shelter. Which seems fair, afterall there are a bunch more regular-sized animals that need homes.

“We are all very saddened and very shocked at how this played out,” Jennifer Andersch told the Gloucester County Times. “At this point all we’re doing is trying to figure out what will be in the best interest of the cat. We are concerned.”


August 29, 2008. Tags: , , , , , . Animals.

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