Dog Named La China Saves Abandoned Baby

I heard about this story over the weekend and it totally tugs at the heart strings. BBC News reports that an 8-year-old dog named La China saved an infant who was left for dead by his 14-year-old mother near a pile of rubbish in an Argentinian shanty town not far from Buenos Aires. The dog, who is a new mom, brought the baby to the place she was caring for her own pups — carrying the baby 50m without leaving any bite marks! This dog is a hero!

BBC News reports that the dog’s owner heard the baby crying and found it covered with a rag right next to La China’s pups. The owner called the police and now the baby is being cared for by authorities.

Reportedly the 14-year-old mother of the infant panicked after she gave birth and left the child for dead. Thank goodness La China came along. The local media has likened the story to that of of “Romulus and Remus,” the founders of Rome, who were abandoned as babies and rescued by a wolf. What an amazing story!

Apparently, La China is terrified by her newfound fame and her owner says he’s worried that she hasn’t been eating.


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