Ewok Is A Killer Cat Name

When my sister’s cat, KC, died a few years ago, she swore she’d never get another cat simply because she’d never find a cat as cool as him. But she’s been taking care of a friend’s cat for several weeks at her house in Virginia and her kids love having a furry little houseguest. So, she’s beginning to rethink the whole cat idea.

This 11-year-old orange kitty named Ewok (BEST CAT NAME EVER!!) is staying with my sister while the family who owns the cat is getting treatment for their son who has cancer. Sam is 5-years-old and suffers from a neuro-blastoma. He had the first of two stem cell transplants and is in isolation at a Virginia children’s hospital for several more weeks.  Poor little guy. Besides having to go through this really horrible experience (he’s so brave!), he’s really missing home and his cat. So, my sister bought a webcam recently and plans to have a web conversation with Sam and the family at the hospital – hopefully, seeing Ewok’s little face via webcam will brighten Sam’s day! 

My sister was telling me last night how much her two kids enjoy having the cat around the house. I think someone may end up getting a kitty after this little babysitting experience is over!


August 13, 2008. Tags: , , . Animals.

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