Kittens Tossed Onto Bridge Saved By Officers

There is a happy ending for two of the three kittens who were tossed onto the Verazanno Bridge by some very awful people recently. Two of them were adopted by MTA Bridge and Tunnel officers. The other kitty wasn’t so lucky. It had to be put down because of it’s injuries. The officers believe that the cats were thrown out of moving cars. That’s SO awful!!!!  Why not just take them to an animal shelter? People are so cruel.

Officer Carlos Martinez, whose 17-year-old cat recently passed away, has adopted one of the kitties. She was rescued on the upper level of the Verazanno bridge and is now named Miley, after Miley Cyrus. “Any cat that survives the upper level deserves a second chance,” he told the Staten Island Advance in an interview.

Shortly after Miley was found, an officer found another kitten during his patrol of the lower level. Officer John Esposito, a self-proclaimed “cat freak” who has a tattoo of a cat on his leg, adopted that kitten. The kitty (above), who is still recovering, is now called Elle after the double “L” of the lower level. Clever!

I was so happy to hear that these poor little babies were rescued and will now have loving homes!  The kittens were so brave and so are these officers. To read the complete story follow this link:


August 12, 2008. Tags: , , , . Animals.

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