Dog Cloner Has A Creepy Past

Did anyone else get strange vibes from this woman as she cradled her cloned pit-bull pups on the news? I had a feeling there was a screw loose.

As soon as this story broke, there were whispers about Bernann McKinney’s striking resemblance to certain beauty queen who was embroiled in scandal many years ago in England. Finally everyone’s suspicions were confirmed on Monday when the dog cloner admitted that she is in fact the former cheerleader who was scandalized in 1977 for allegedly kidnapping a Mormon missionary she was obsessed with and raping him.

The details of this story are so bizarre. Tabloid legend has it that McKinney abducted her former classmate Kirk Anderson and handcuffed him to a bed with mink-laced cuffs and forced him to have sex with her for three days using tips from the book the Joy of Sex. Ewww. McKinney told the Daily Mail this weekend that the Joyce McKinney of 30 years ago no longer exists. She has now taken her middle name Bernann.

So how did she escape the law and scandal? Back then, McKinney denied the sexual assault and fled the UK when she was released on bail. In recent years she has lived in North Carolina with her service dog Booger, who she paid $50,000 to clone. He died in 2006 of cancer.

The company that cloned Booger said that McKinney’s past really isn’t an issue. I guess they have their money, so whatta they care? I just hope the pups will be okay. Who knows what else this whacko is capable of? Let’s hope she’s not into bestiality. Yuck.

Check out TIME’s story on the scandal:,8599,1830818,00.html


August 11, 2008. Tags: , , , . Animals.

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