The Cat That Will Never Play With Yarn Again

An orange tabby survived a 6,500 mile journey from Taiwan to Nottinghamshire, England, aboard a container on a shipping boat, the BBC reports. The feline, who has been named Ginger, somehow got trapped in a shipping container full of polyester yarn that set sail for 5-weeks – and stopping in Singapore and the Suez Canal along the way!  He was discovered when factory workers unloaded the cargo. How he survived the voyage is mind boggling, the kitty most likely subsisted by drinking condensation off of the container, the report says. The stowaway appears to be doing well and is being held at a quarantine center for six months until he is declared disease free. Looks like kitty traveled a long way to find a home: a textile factory worker has already offered to keep Ginger.


July 29, 2008. Tags: , , , . Animals, Uncategorized.

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