Heidi Fleiss’ Latest Fetish? Birds

I watched an HBO documentary on Heidi Fleiss the other night and much of it dealt with the menagerie of birds she keeps in her home nestled in the mountains of Nevada. The notorious “Hollywood Madam,” who plans to open up a brothel for women sometime next year, inherited the birds from the madam who lived nextdoor to her in Pahrump (yup, that’s the name of her town).  She was especially attached to a former showbird named Dalton, at left, who died quite suddenly last year. Like Fleiss, he faced his fair share of troubles. His wings had been clipped by his onetime trainer and he apparently had been beaten while doing tricks – so, Fleiss took him under her wing.  Fleiss is seen crying over the parrot following his death and it was really a telling scene. Her birds seem to be everything to her. She said she plans to move them to her brothel in Crystal, Nevada, if everything goes as planned. But many of the locals are trying to stop the ex-con from opening her little bordello in the mountains – one adversary feared that a brothel full of male prostitutes would cater to gay men. Fleiss thinks that there are too many brothels for men and that this one will most certainly, as the English say, be for “birds.”


July 23, 2008. Tags: , , , , . Animals.

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