Saying Goodbye To Them Was Rough…



I had to take my foster kitties back last weekend because they were too sick for me to care for them. They have a contageous skin condition and I was afraid to keep them for fear they might infect my cat, Mylo. Thankfully another foster parent stepped up and they’re being taken good care of. What a relief! My spare room is soooo empty now that they’re gone though. They’ll probably be back at the shelter in a few weeks time, so hopefully I can track them down the next time I’m there. Neil was serious about wanting to adopt little orphan Annie. But the way I look at it, the less cats I keep for good, the more cats I can foster in the future. Saying goodbye was really rough though – I had to put Mab in a cage with her babies and she looked at me like, “why are you leaving me?”  That was awful. But thank god there was another foster parent waiting in the wings.


July 9, 2008. Tags: , , , . Animals.

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